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The Butter NUB has a slightly tapered shape that allows the rider to transition and move quickly. The banana shaped nubs on the nose and tail are turned to follow the length of the board and create a more challenging and faster toe-heel movement. With the Butter NUB riders can progress and practice their skills: mimicking board sports movements, rotations, and core strengthening.

The Butter NUB is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle and super fun for the whole family. It is ideal for boards sports training, fitness, and rehabilitation exercises.

How is this board different from the Pickle?

The difference between the Butter and the Pickle is most evident in the shape of the decks and the length of the banana shaped nubs. The Butter has a shorter overall deck length and increased nub length thereby making the Butter more stable from toe-to-heal. Conversely, the Pickle Nub has an increased deck length with decreased banana nub length thereby making it quicker reacting from toe-to-heal. It’s the smaller nubs on the Pickle that result in an increased challenge.


  • 100% North American Maple
  • Length: 28-inches
  • Width: 7-inch waist, 8 1⁄4-inch nose/tail
  • Shape: Fitness inspired with rocker
  • Surface: Superior traction surface


  • Center Hub: 7½-inches x 3½-inches x 3⁄4-inches
  • Nubs: 1-inch x 3⁄4-inches x 6½-inches

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