Vew-Do Zone Fitness Balance Board

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The New ZONE

​Das neue ZONE gibt es in zwei Farben - braun/schwarz und aqua/blue (siehe Bilder).
Es wird mit Rocks geliefert, dem Wobble Rock und dm Teeter  (Wippe).

Features and Specifications

·       27 in x 13.5 in hardwood laminated deck with easy carry handle (66 cm x 34 cm)

·       17 in vertically laminated hard maple I-Beam with tapered ‘Nub’ end-stops (43 cm)

·       Dual Directional Foam Teeter for both toe-heel and lateral teeter motion; 3 in high, 55 in wide, 11.5 in long (7 cm x 14.5 cm x 29 cm)

·       Magnetically attached hardwood Wobble; 4 in diameter, 3 in high, with 2 in primary riding surface (10 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm)

·       Easy transport design with the Teeter and Wobble attached to the I-Beam

·       Strength band cutouts for use with most types of fitness bands

·       Smooth polyurethane deck finish for gym floor type traction


Geeignet für:
Reha, Gym und Fitness

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